Alternative HVAC Systems

Adsorption Chillers


Uses heat to generate cold water for air conditioning and achieving electricity COP of 10. Massively reduced CO2 emissions and can even be connected to a solar thermal system.

Air Conditioning Fabric Duct


Uses fabric for dispersing air-conditioning, the ability of fabric to disperse air provides ideal ventilation and a healthy indoor climate for the benefit of your employees and your productivity. The system is designed for fast dismantling of the ducts making washing and maintenance easy and economical.


Capillary Tubes Radiant Cooling

Capillary Tubes Radiant Cooling
Natural Radiant Heating and Cooling Comfort with Capillary Tube Systems, mats designed for energy-efficient radiant HVAC – cooling ceiling, wall heating, under floor heating, concrete core activation, and geothermal systems. Equally deployable in new constructions and refurbishments of office towers, commercial buildings, industrial structures, and private homes, a wide selection of capillary tube mats together with different implementation schemes ensures radiant heating and cooling comfort in almost every building context.

Radiant Heating and Radiant Cooling with Capillary Tube Mats – silent, invisible, comfortable, energy-efficient, Capillary Tube Technology Opens Spaces for New Interior Design, Radiant HVAC – eco-friendly, healthy, silent, invisible. The ecological and economic advantages of the capillary tube technology are already utilized in gentle air conditioning and radiant HVAC systems.

A wide variety of possible heating and cooling applications with renewable energy sources that go beyond the previous air conditioning area are both conceivable and viable.