Leading the region as a premier provider of advanced alternative energy solutions thus pioneering, developing and advancing quality engineering products and services.


Richmond SES objectives are defined as follows:

  • Create company brand awareness and image among target markets.
  • Establish Richmond SES as a leading provider of engineering solutions in the solar and renewable energy systems in the region.
  • Increase our market share and become a market leader in the plumbing and solar sector.
  • Prospect new products and brands to extend our existing portfolio especially in Green Building Products.
  • Identify and select new clients/markets in the region.

Business Functions

Richmond SES specializes in designing and supplying selective, unique, and innovative solar, air conditioning and plumbing products for the construction industry. Richmond SES promotes:

  • Solar systems and sustainable engineering solutions to clients in the most stringent environmental and quality requirements of the building & construction sector.
  • A complete range of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment as well as innovative air supply solutions and environmentally friendly concepts.
  • A broad and advanced range of plumbing and water technology products.