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What inspirational role will engineers play in this radically transformed world? … An ever-increasing global population that continues to shift to urban areas will require widespread adoption of sustainability. Demands for energy, drinking water, clean air, safe waste disposal, and transportation will drive environmental protection alongside infrastructure development.

Our mission is to contribute to and succinctly communicate leading research, case studies, tools and strategies for achieving sustainable prosperity across government, business and civil society. We receive mentoring and support from a wide range of experts and leading organizations in United Arab Emirates and internationally. We believe that our generation has an obligation – and an exciting opportunity – to be part of the solution in restoring the balance. We rely on mentoring and collaboration, using knowledge and experience from our collective network to ensure that efforts to make a positive difference make our children proud.

Inevitably society will need to adapt to a new climate regime as a result of a rapid increase in greenhouse emissions since the industrial revolution. There is a parallel and crucial requirement to focus on; reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and therefore stabilizing the corresponding increases in global temperature; and to prepare for an inevitable adaptation by society and the environment to an altered climate regime, assuming appropriate stabilization is achieved.

Our professional engineers understand the requirements of clients and of society as a whole; working to optimize social, environmental and economic outcomes over the lifetime of the product or solution. Our success confirms our balanced approach and strategies implemented by our professional staff who are energetic and committed.

Wadi Edrees
Associate & General Manager